Can men have erectile dysfunction at an early age?

Erectile dysfunction is stereotyped to affect older men. Commercials for medications curing erectile dysfunction depict old men trying to regain their youth. This is indeed a myth. Erectile dysfunction is actually not age specific. Any adult male can be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The causes for a younger man to have erectile dysfunction are very different compared to a man experiencing erectile dysfunction at an age past 60.

Men past the age of 20 have shown symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The causes are purely psychological. A traumatic life event can ruin a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom. Some men form a mental block that limits them from getting an erection. Having thoughts of pregnancy scares can ruin the entire act of sex. If a man’s worry were getting their partner pregnant, they will not be able to get them pregnant since they will not get an erection. Having safe sex is a way to prevent this mental block from occurring and limiting sexual performance.

Being diagnosed with a mental illness is one of the leading causes for men being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction at an early age. Depression and anxiety are contributing factors for a decline in overall sex drive. Even more so, men at an early age diagnosed with depression normally take medications to treat the depression. A common side effect of depression and anxiety medication is erectile dysfunction. Young men can trap themselves into a cycle of erectile dysfunction that can become impossible to break.

A small part of the male population diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are in their early age. In fact, about 5 percent of men between the age of 20 to 35 experience erectile dysfunction.

There is one culprit that can be eliminated from a young man’s life that can significantly reduce the effect erectile dysfunction can have. Studies have shown men who drink more than three times in one week increase their chances significantly for erectile dysfunction. Alcohol may make it easier to talk to women, but what good can that do if one could not perform sexually because of it.

One health issue that can affect younger men which has a direct correlation with erectile dysfunction is type II diabetes. This form of diabetes ensures that the male would be overweight and not physically healthy. Being overweight severely limits the chances of getting an erection. More importantly, diabetes can affect a man’s cholesterol levels. Having arteries that will not allow the proper blood flow to the penis will cause for an inability for the penis to work.

There are two different types of erectile dysfunction one can experience, consistent and periodic. Doctors recommend younger men to be extremely specific about their sexual history because erectile dysfunction is easily treatable. Perhaps therapy can work if the condition is caused by a mental disorder. Doctors do not recommend young men to take pills like Viagra because there are more consistent cases of drug abuse in these instances.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?


A mid life crisis can happen to anyone at anytime, but when it occurs to men there is one significant side effect. The inability to perform in the bedroom affects a man’s psyche more than he cares to admit. The goal is to keep emotional problems outside of the bedroom, but the very act of sex itself is an emotional one. So men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction live in a cyclical pattern of anxiety and depression, which only worsens if the diagnosis were to go untreated. There are various ways to combat erectile dysfunction, but the key to to understand what causes erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is not age specific. In fact, men from their 20’s to their 70’s have experienced erectile dysfunction. More predominantly, erectile dysfunction is common amongst older men.

Younger men experience erectile dysfunction because of their anxiety. The mental block one can get can really become a block for an erection. The inability to put a condom on or appearing inexperienced can become mental inhibition that negatively affect sexual performance. This is a mental game a young man has to overcome.

Middle aged men frequently experience erectile dysfunction due to some negative stressful event in life. Having work related stress or relationship issues can be a catalyst for inability to perform in the bedroom. In the age bracket 35-50 years old is where health issues can interfere sexual ability.

About 70 percent of men past the age of 70 are indeed sexually active. Erectile dysfunction can become a major problem for this age bracket. Normally at this age, medication is the preferred treatment just because living a healthy lifestyle might not suffice. For men who are younger, there are still natural ways to reverse the impact erectile dysfunction can have on their lives.

Health issues such as diabetes and heart disease limit the blood circulation throughout the body. Limiting blood circulation means that certain parts of the body cannot get the blood it needs. When a man is aroused, blood begins to go to the penis. If the veins and arteries were clogged, then blood going to the penis becomes extremely difficult. Smoking cigarettes has this effect on the male body as well. Cigarettes limits blood flow to the extremities, which directly affects the blood flow to the penis.

Basic causes of erectile dysfunction are preventable if men were able to live a healthy lifestyle. The more overweight a man is, the harder it will become for him to get an erection. Eating unhealthy foods and not working out further encourages the overweight appearance, which negatively affects the penis.

A majority of the causes of erectile dysfunction are temporary and can be easily reversed. There are long term plans a man can make to turn his life around, or short term plans are available as well. Going to a doctor is a route a man can take because each diagnosis of erectile dysfunction varies. A doctor can prescribe medication to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. There are more organic routes, such as supplements or lifestyle alterations. Some men have it more serious than others.