What is erectile dysfunction (ED) – Advice , help and tips

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Sexual performance is key to having a stable and healthy relationship. When life becomes stressful, sexual performance can be negatively affected. The goal is to not let stress take over one’s life, but that is a very hard feat to commit to. Mid life crises occur to almost every male past the age of 35, and that is a direct link to erectile dysfunction. No male wants to keep themselves in the cycle of despair, so the solution is to look for ways to reverse the erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

Now there are plenty of medications doctors can prescribe to combat erectile dysfunction, but the list of side effects turns many men away. If a man already has heart problems, taking prescribed medications will worsen heart conditions. Most men who do experience erectile dysfunction do indeed have heart conditions. Thus, no doctor can help alleviate the situation. There are supplements that doctors can recommend, but most have synthetic ingredients that are undesirable. There is only one supplement in the market that has all natural ingredients, which will be discussed later on.

supplements-that-can-help-with-erectile-dysfunction-2Erectile dysfunction occurs because of underlying health conditions that directly impacts the body’s ability to get an erection. Having diabetes or a heart condition makes blood vessels clog up. Once clogged, blood flow is limited to the extremities of the body. The penis will not get the sufficient blood it needs to be able to get an erection. Plus, hormones like testosterone start to decrease in rate of production to the point that it affects sexual performance.

To get an erection without prescribed medications is indeed feasible. There are natural routes to take that will give the body a boost to sexually perform. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one route to take. Doing things such as working out and being active keeps the body toned and sexually ready. Eating healthy foods and more so foods that promote a sex drive are also solutions for reversing a erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

A more common route men take nowadays to combat erectile dysfunction is taking natural supplements. Edge HPX is the go to supplement in the market today for treating erectile dysfunction. Its natural ingredients are processed by the body in a organic matter that makes Edge HPX supplements a preferred way of treatment.

Edge HPX pills do more than just treat erectile dysfunction. The supplement actually gives the male body a rejuvenation unparalleled by an pill in the current market. Any male who takes Edge HPX will have a bulkier and stronger physique that is essential to be an excellent sexual partner. With a stronger build, a man will have more stamina to continuously engage in sex which will amaze the sexual partner.

Edge HPX pills promote the muscles of the body to recover and increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is the key hormone for sexual ability in a man. Having a supplement naturally increase these levels is unheard of, which is the reason that Edge HPX is such a desired supplement.  The pills naturally increase sex drive as a result, which is what directly combats erectile dysfunction.

Edge HPX is the go to pill if the symptoms for erectile dysfunction are predominantly physical and age related. If the issue is a mental one, which is rare in some cases, the supplements will not be enough to provide a cure.  The testosterone that will be pumped through the male body will not be synthetic but will actually be quite the opposite. Edge HPX works with the male body to up its testosterone levels in a productive manner.

Compounds such as Epimedium, Agmatine and Arginine Hydrochloride are essentially the reason why Edge HPX supplements work so well. These ingredients are sometimes separately recommended by doctors to patients experiencing erectile dysfunction. Edge HPX combined them to create a super supplement pill. Some other companies do offer these ingredients, but they are alongside synthetic chemicals and additives that are not preferred by many men with erectile dysfunction.


Edge HPX pills are exceptionally easy to take. Every package comes with a bottle with 60 capsules that have instructions as to how to take them. The goal is to incorporate the supplements into one’s daily routine. Once a man does that, results will follow. Edge HPX is fairly priced compared to other supplements in the market. For a low price, all a man’s sexual troubles can disappear.

An Edge HPX supplement purchase is kept a secret by the manufacturer. Androgenyx values its customers privacy, since erectile dysfunction is an embarrassment for most men. The purchase is sent in a discreetly packed manner that ensures no one will know what the pills are used for. So forget having to go to the doctor, Androgenyx will make sure the pills are delivered to the door of its buyer in a timely and discreet fashion.